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On Monday, January 11, 2021, the Tax and Law Department at HÈC Paris organized an online workshop on the future of cross-border small claims in Europe.

The seminar was introduced and moderated by Professor Matteo Winkler (HÈC Paris) and the other speeches will be held by:

  • Professor Alina Ontanu, Erasmus University Rotterdam;
  • Dr. Pablo Baquero, HEC Paris.


The webinar started with an introduction by Professor Matteo Winkler (HÈC Paris) regarding the SCAN Project, introducing its main objectives and the work performed under the project. SCAN aims to make easier the small claims procedure introduce by EC Regulation No 861/2007 and amendations.  Then, a keynote speech was delivered by Professor Elena Alina Ontanu (Erasmus University Rotterdam), examining the main features of the ESCP Procedure, its challenges and potential for the future. In the last part of the event, there was a discussion conducted by Dr. Pablo Baquero (HÈC Paris) about the guidelines on the European Small Claims Procedure Regulation (ESCP) that have been produced in the context of the SCAN Project —  in particular those that are relevant in the French context.

The workshop highlighted how the European Small Claims Procedure can make it easier to solve cross-border legal disputes in the European Union with a procedure that can also be activated by the European citizen himself, with reduced costs and time.

Below the Programme of the Workshop

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