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UNINA Dissemination Workshop 3rd April,2020: The ESCP –  European Small Claims Procedure 

During the dissemination workshop (d.w.) aimed for costumers and held on the 3rd of April 2020 on the Microsoft Teams platform of the University of Naples Federico II, Prof. Ferruccio Auletta has host doctoral researchers Federica Pinto and Chiara Ruggieri to discuss the application area and the legal regulation referred to the Reg. UE n. 861/2007 on EUROPEAN SMALL CLAIMS PROCEDURE. During the event, the compilation of the standardized modules referred to the cited Regulation has also been illustrated through the portal https://e-justice.europa.eu.

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VILNIAUS UNIVERSITETAS Webinar on 20th May,2020: The ESCP – European Small Claims Procedure

On May 20th, a webinar about EU Small Claims Procedure was organised at VU Faculty of Law within the frame of SCAN (Small Claims Analysis Net) project. Event was moderated by Assoc. Professor Rimantas Simaitis. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vigita Vėbraitė presented the main aims and rules of the EU Regulation No 861/2007. Researcher Milda Markevičiūtė gave overview of the SCAN project and its main findings.

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HEC Paris Workshop on 11th January, 2021: What about the future of cross – border small claims?

On Monday, January 11, 2021, the Tax and Law Department at HÈC Paris organized an online workshop on the future of cross-border small claims in Europe. The seminar was introduced and moderated by Professor Matteo Winkler (HÈC Paris) and the other speeches will be held by: Professor Alina Ontanu, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Dr. Pablo Baquero, HEC Paris.

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