Posted on Nov 7, PM in News

On December, 1st Adiconsum in partnership with Ecc – NET presented a webinar about the European Small Claims Procedure and how the european citizens’ right are not limited by european borders.

During the seminar  presented the FAQs and TIPs that Adiconsum prepared as Partner for SCAN Consortium,  to explain the European Small Claims Procedure and to resolve all the possible questions the european citizen could ask about the field of application, the language to use to fill in the FORM, how to fill in the Form in the right way through the E-justice Portal and SCAN website, where and how to send the filled FORM.

The seminar was introduced and moderated by Laura Galli and the other speeches will be held by:

  •  Francesco Romeo, Professor at the University of Naples Federico II – SCAN Project Coordinator
  • Chiara Salvatori, General Director for International Affairs and Judicial Cooperation, Office I – International Judicial Cooperation at the Ministry of Justice
  • Maria Pisanò, Director of the European Consumer Centre Italy
  • Carlo Battistella, Legal Consultant Adiconsum Verona.

Click on FAQs&TIPs to know how to Join the easy to Justice with SCAN!

You can follow the Webinar: