Posted on Jan 12, AM in News

As part of the new edition of the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS, now in its 22nd edition, the SCAN project will be discussed with the intervention of Dr. Francesco Romeo, Dr. Marco Giacalone and Mr. Giovanni Di Stasio; here is the abstract of the contribution:

“The European Small Claims Procedure is one of the most important tools provided by European Union, in order to decrease judicial litigation and make the judicial systems of Member States more efficient. Although, the European Union really believes this procedure to be fundamental, the ESCP is very little used. Therefore an effort is needed in order to disseminate the functioning of these procedures, but also to understand why consumers don’t use it and how the European Small Claims Procedure can be improved, raising citizens’ awareness about it. SCAN project aims at disseminate the knowledge of ESCP, that is not even know in the courts, among the stakeholders, which are lawyers, judges, consumers and EU citizens. The project serves the stakeholders, so that lawyers can guarantee an efficient legal assistance, judges can implement this procedure and consumers association can disseminate the knowledge of ESCP among their members and among all EU citizens.”

This year IRIS will take place again in the well-known environment of the University of Salzburg from Thursday, 21 to Saturday, 23 February 2019; the leading topic of IRIS2019 will be Internet of Things.
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