Posted on Nov 10, PM in News

SCAN project has been presented at IGF Italy 2018, on November, the 6th, 2018 at the panel “La giustizia tramite Internet. Strumenti avanzati per la decisione e l’enforcement dei diritti”.
Internet Governance Forum was established by the Secretary of United Nations in 2006, in order to create a place of confrontation and debate about Internet policies, such as its sustainability, its security, its stability and its development .
Internet Governance Forum created a common pattern of best practises, since governments, universities, research centers, corporations, non-governmental organizations, citizens’associations attended this event during past years. That’s why, Internet Governance Forum promoted tbe idea of a multistakeholderism among the aforementioned partners.
IGF is also attended by the international organizations, which deal with Internet and communications, such as ICANN, ITU and UNESCO.

For further information, please visit the official website of Internet Governance Forum Italy 2018:


Below the poster of the event.