Social media accounts are supposed to be used, in order to make SCAN project user-friendly and in touch with people. We choose Twitter, since it is very used in all countries around the world. In social media accounts people are only able to see what is in their filter bubble, that is what is interesting for them. Using Twitter, our aim is to go into people’s filter bubbles, creating a strong network of citizens and legal practitioners interested in our project and, above all, the European Small Claims Procedure. Twitter account is needed, in order to publish project information, news and results and spread the materials of the project.

LinkedIn is a very professional social media: it helps the user to reach a sharp target of interest. On Linkedin, the filter bubble is even more restricted and this is really useful to create a network of experts of the field and people which are interested in. Furthermore LinkedIn is very fit with the academic and professional world, since it allows the users to publish scientific works, research projects and newspaper articles.

Activities involved in Project Social Media accounts include the creation, targeting and publication of the relevant audience for our project. The accounts provide a strategically way to spread and share all the results, data and knowledge collected during the enactment of project activities.

In order to target our account, on LinkedIn, we have created an account profile and an official page, pinpointing our research fields. However we have mentioned many skills related to the project, that’s why skills added are Civil Procedure, Civil Law, EU Law, European Union, Civil Litigation, Law, Small Claims, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, in order to connect with a big network of people. In order to improve our exposure, it is needed to mention that this is a European project, providing many details on it.

Communication on Twitter is really smart. That’s why we publish photos and brief posts about the activities we carry out. Nevertheless we post about our participations to conferences, our interventions and we have to retweet each other our posts, in order to exponentially improve our dissemination and adding new people to our network.

Our Twitter account is @scaneuproject and it is available here:  @scaneuproject

Our LinkedIn account profile is named Scan Project and it is available here: Scan Project

Our LinkedIn account page is named Project SCAN and it is available at this address: Project SCAN