The SCAN project will provide a platform on the European Small Claims Procedure (ESCP) to highlight the added value of a ESCP. This objective
is supported by a number of sub-objectives:

  1. To collect data concerning ESCP at the national level in cross-border contexts to determine the best practices and the related implementation problems;
  2. To identify the strength and the weaknesses of the new Reg. 2015/2421;
  3. To compare such best practices and find common patterns, if any;
  4. To develop harmonized guidelines in order to enhance awareness among EU citizens, judges and lawyers about the added value of ESCP in the national systems involved;
  5. To ensure EU-wide dissemination of the above and the related training needs.

In particular, SCAN will collect and analyse data of ESCP’s state of art in each Member State of the consortium; will provide harmonized guidelines and dissemination/awareness of the raising activities through its network at international level.

Beneficiaries will be 500 Legal practitioners; 500 Academics; 50 EU policy makers and 2000 consumers by creation of a Stakeholders Network.